Table 4

Independent risk factors for incident cancer* in the total study population

VariableAdjusted HR95% CIp Value
Age per 1-year increase*1.051.04 to 1.05<0.0001
 Male1.150.92 to 1.440.22
IBD subtype
 Ulcerative colitis or IBDUref
 Crohn's disease1.030.81 to 1.300.82
Personal history of cancer†
 Yes1.921.25 to 2.970.003
Exposure to any immunosuppressant
 Yes1.681.34 to 2.13<0.0001
  • *Defined as the first occurrence of cancer in patients without previous cancer, and a new or recurrent cancer in patients with previous cancer.

  • †At entry into the observational period.

  • IBDU, IBD, unclassified.