Table 1

Lead SNP associations from the discovery-stage Study-of-Health-in-Pomerania-Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) on the phenotypes ‘Serum lipase activity’ and ‘High serum lipase activity’

ChrLocus lead SNPp ValueEffectORSEMinor alleleMajor alleleMAFHWE pvalNNearest gene
‘Serum lipase activity’ phenotype
9rs81766931.29×10−300.1390.012TC0.10.8513966ABO (intronic)
19rs6321116.15×10−90.040.007GA0.430.0413966FUT2 (3‘-UTR)
16rs8895121.91×10−8−0.0630.011GC0.110.5753966CTRB2 (5‘ near gene)
‘High serum lipase activity’ phenotype
9rs81766931.28×10−220.8192.270.084TC0.10.8513966ABO (intronic)
19rs6321115.72×10−90.3061.360.053GA0.430.0413966FUT2 (3‘-UTR)
16rs8895126.41×10−4−0.3220.720.094GC0.110.5753966CTRB2 (5‘ near gene)
  • Chr, chromosome; Effect, effect strength (β) and direction of minor SNP allele; HWE pval, Hardy–Weinberg p value; MAF, minor allele frequency; N, sample size; P, p value of association between locus lead SNP and phenotype; genomic control was applied for the ‘serum lipase activity’ analysis only.