Table 2

Clinical characteristics of anti-TNFα responders (cohort 1) whose tissue samples were analysed both before and after treatment (n=6)

CharacteristicsCD before anti-TNFα (week 0)CD after anti-TNFα (week 12)p Value
CDAI181 (45–344)51 (4–149)0.016
CRP (mg/dL)2.2 (0.5–5.1)0.04 (0.01–2.5)0.016
CDEIS12.6 (9–19.4)0.2 (0–3.2)0.016
Calprotectin (mg/kg)674.6 (92.5–812.2)39.9 (33.4–53)0.03
MaRIA56.7 (36.7–83.1)26.52 (23.2–32.3)0.03
  • p Value was calculated using unilateral non-parametric paired analysis.

  • CD, Crohn's disease; CDAI, CD Activity Index; CDEIS, CD Endoscopic Index of Severity; CRP, C-reactive protein; anti-TNF, anti-tumour necrosis factor; MaRIA, Magnetic Resonance Index of Activity.