Table 3

Association of rs601338 (W134X SNP) and secretor status with lipase activity in blood donor cohort

p ValueEffectORSEMinor alleleMajor alleleMAFHWE pvalNNearest gene
‘Serum lipase activity’ phenotype
2.47×10−60.0190.004AG0.4030.3071444FUT2 (3‘-UTR)
‘High serum lipase activity’ phenotype
1.88×10−40.3491.420.094AG0.4030.3071444FUT2 (3‘-UTR)
Blood Donor Cohort75% of sample with low
serum lipase activity
25% of sample with high
serum lipase activity
Phenotyp (Genotype)N=1444N=1098N=346OR (95% CI)p Value
Secretor (GG or GA)1214 (84.1)938 (85.4)276 (79.8)1.49 (1.08 to 2.05)0.0121
Non-secretor (AA)230 (15.9)160 (14.6)70 (20.2)
  • FUT2 secretor status was analysed in 1444 blood donors by genotyping,the W134X SNP rs601338_A using TaqMan analysis and genomic sequencing. (A) Linear regression analysis was performed after adjustment for age, sex, alcohol consumption, and smoking.

  • Effect, effect strength (beta) and direction of minor SNP allele; HWE pval, Hardy–Weinberg p value; MAF, Minor allele frequency of the SNP in the analysed sample; n: sample size. (B) Pearson's χ2 test was calculated for secretor/non-secretor phenotypes in groups of 25% highest vs 75% lowest serum lipase activities. p, p value of association between locus lead SNP and phenotype.