Table 1

Patient demographics and follow-up characteristics of the study population (n=293)

Total cohort
Age±SD66±10.263±12.061± 2.562.8±11.9
Male68/79 (86%)27/40 (68%)128/174 (74%)223/293 (76%)
Length of BO segment (IQR)4 (2–8)3 (3–6)4 (3–5)4 (3–6)
Circumferential BO extent (IQR)2 (0–5)2 (0–5)2 (1–4)2 (0–4)
Biopsies per endoscopy during follow-up±SD*10±5.98±4.08±4.58±4.9
Median follow-up endoscopies (IQR)*2 (1–4)2 (1–4)2 (1–3)2 (1–3)
Median months of follow-up (IQR)*19 (9–50)†31 (16–59)48 (27–87)39 (16–72)
  • *Including only patients with endoscopic follow-up. LGD (n=75), IND (n=36), NDBO (n=153), total cohort (n=264).

  • †Duration of follow-up was censored at the time of progression. Due to the high rate of progression in the LGD group, median duration of follow-up was shorter.

  • BO, Barrett's oesophagus; IND, indefinite for dysplasia; LGD, low-grade dysplasia; NDBO, non-dysplastic BO.