Table 4

Association results of Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) top SNPs in the pancreatitis cohort vs healthy blood donors

ModelAdditive genetic modelRecessive genetic model
rs632111 (FUT2 GWAS lead SNP)
 Pan vs BD0.0541.121.00 to 1.260.0461.231.00 to 1.51
 CP vs BD0.0031.241.08 to 1.442.4×10−41.581.24 to2.02
 AP vs BD0.99910.86 to 1.160.4690.90.68 to 1.19
 ICP vs BD0.0171.271.04 to 1.550.0011.721.25 to 2.38
 ACP vs BD0.4971.080.87 to 1.340.2761.230.85 to1.79
rs601338 (W134X SNP)
 Pan vs BD0.0471.121.00 to 1.260.0311.261.02 to 1.56
 CP vs BD0.0151.21.03 to 1.380.0011.571.22 to 2.02
 AP vs BD0.5011.050.91 to 1.220.8390.970.73 to 1.29
 ICP vs BD0.0811.20.98 to 1.460.0031.71.21 to 2.37
 ACP vs BD0.5921.060.85 to 1.320.1681.320.90 to 1.93
rs889512 (CTRB2 locus lead SNP)
 Pan vs BD0.8090.90.81 to 1.180.9740.990.46 to 2.12
 CP vs BD0.8300.980.77 to 1.230.6471.230.51 to 2.99
 AP vs BD0.8680.980.77 to 1.240.5640.730.25 to 2.19
 ICP vs BD0.7571.050.77 to 1.440.7200.770.18 to 3.36
 ACP vs BD0.0730.710.48 to 1.050.9020.910.21 to 3.98
  • ACP, alcoholic chronic pancreatitis; AP, acute pancreatitis; BD, blood donor cohort; CP, chronic pancreatitis; ICP, Idiopathic chronic pancreatitis; Pan, total pancreatitis cohort; PVAL, p value (χ2 test); 95% CI, 95% CI of OR, grey shaded cells are nominal significant (PVAL<0.05) yellow shaded cells are significant after Bonferroni correction for 15 tests (PVAL<0.05/15=0.003) and red shaded cells are significant after Bonferroni correction for 30 tests (PVAL<0.05/30=0.0017). Genotyping of SNPs was performed by TaqMan analysis or genomic sequencing.