Table 1

Composition of the two micronutrient powders, with and without iron*

+2.5 mgFeMNP−2.5 mgFeMNP+12.5 mgFeMNP−12.5 mgFeMNP
Iron, mg2.512.5
Zinc, mg2.52.555
Vitamin A, µg100100300300
Vitamin C, mg60603030
Vitamin D, µg55
Copper, mg0.340.34
Tocopherol equivalent, mg55
Iodine, µg3030
Vitamin K1, µg3030
Selenium, µg1717
Thiamine, mg0.50.5
Riboflavin, mg0.50.5
Pyridoxine, mg0.50.5
Folic acid anhydrous, µg9090
Niacinamide, mg66
Vitamin B12, µg0.90.9
  • *Amounts per 1 g powder.