Abstract PWE-432 Table 1
Phase Affective DomainCognitive Framework (CF) stateIdeal Learning Environment
Technical unimodal (Cases 0–30)Fear of failure; need to belongFocus on handling skills; dual task interference; high effort; no wider meaningAllay fears and integrate; detailed feedback; guides; simulators
Bimodal (Cases 30–80)Seek reassurance; want group supportModerate effort; start considering LR; need interpretive framework and linkageLR training; Group case discussion; technical feedback
Global– initiation (Cases 80–120)Confident in handling; insecure in decision-making (DM)First active concepts of team and role; own CF tested; early DMHands-on cases; DOPS global review; probing questions; procedural knowledge links
Global– refinement (Cases 120–200)Confident as lone operator; focus on faults; need affirmation of DMIntegrated performance (error insight); improvement strategies; DM -test and discussSupportive role; hands-on cases; goal directed; discuss reports and management