Table 1

Chemical characterisation of cranberry extract

Extract content (g/100 g dry weight)Relative polyphenol content* (%)Daily intake (mg/kg body weight)
Total polyphenols37.4±0.274.8±0.5
 Phenolic acids3.1±0.012.0±0.16.2±0.0
 Total anthocyanins3.3±0.012.6±0.06.6±0.0
 Total proanthocyanidins10.0±0.238.9±0.720.0±0.4
DP 1–36.1±0.123.7±0.212.2±0.2
DP >33.9±0.215.2±0.57.8±0.4
  • *The relative polyphenol content has been calculated on the basis of the individually measured polyphenol content. Monomers, dimers and trimers of proanthocyanidin (DP 1–3). Oligomeric and polymeric proanthocyanidins (DP >3). The results are expressed as mean±SD. DP, Degree of polymerisation.