Table 5

Cumulative incidence function (CIF) by 10 years of diagnosis adjusted for competing risk, age, socioeconomic status and gender

Cause of deathDeaths
with CD
Excess*95% CI†
Restricting to only incident cases (overall CD cases=4687)
 Not coded270.300.04−0.090.17
Restricting to symptomatic incident cases (overall CD cases=1895)
 Not coded130.290.04−0.110.18
Restricting to non-symptomatic incident cases (overall CD cases=2792)
 Not coded140.300.04−0.130.22
  • The results are restricted to the incident cases and stratified by whether or not symptoms were recorded within a year before diagnosis.

  • *Excess risk compared with controls.

  • †Bootstrap 50 iterations.

  • CD, coeliac disease.