Table 1

Clinical and demographic characteristics of participants

H (n=30)IBS-D (n=49)p Value
Gender, F:M11:1933:160.015*
Age, years29 (21–64)35 (18–63)0.094
Intensity of abdominal pain, score045.4±25.3
Frequency of abdominal pain, number of days05 (2–10)
Bowel movements (n)1 (0.5–2.0)4 (1.0–12)<0.0001**
Stool form, Bristol Score3.5 (2.0–4.5)6 (4.5–7.0)<0.0001**
Holmes–Rahe Scale105 (55–267)140 (20–889)0.281
Cohen Scale17 (6–37)26 (9–46)<0.0001**
Beck's Index1(0–9)10 (0–36)<0.0001**
Respiratory atopy16/3023/491
  • Values represent the median (range) or mean±SD.

  • p Values considered significant are shown in bold. p Value adjusted (false discovery rate): *<0.05; **<0.001.

  • F, female; M, male; H, healthy subjects; IBS-D, diarrhoea-predominant IBS.