Table 3

Estimates from multiple linear regression models for age, adjusting for patient race, sex, tumour location and grade among patients with stage I or II disease (first column) and stage I, II or III disease (second column)

Stages I, IIStages I, II, III
Adjusted mean age (years), T160.03 (58.56 to 61.5)60.68 (59.3 to 62.06)
Age difference (years): T2 vs T1−0.01 (−1.06 to 1.05), p=0.990.03 (−1.03 to 1.1), p=0.95
Age difference (years): T3 vs T10.95 (0.01 to 1.89), p=0.051.06 (0.11 to 2), p=0.03
Age difference (years): T4 vs T1N.A.1.19 (0.11 to 2.27), p=0.03
  • Separate models were estimated for varying subgroups of patient stage of disease. Values given are mean differences in ages by T stage, with 95% CIs.