Table 4

Odds of the development of a PCCRC within 3 years of a colonoscopy

CharacteristicORLower 95% CIUpper 95% CIp Value
Year of colonoscopy0.940.930.95<0.01
 Age (per year)1.000.991.00<0.01
IMD income category
 Most affluent1.00
 Most deprived1.010.921.120.79
Previous hospital admission for Crohn's disease
Previous hospital admission for ulcerative colitis
Previous hospital admission for diverticular disease
Site of tumour
 Rectum/sigmoid colon1.00
 Splenic flexure/descending colon0.980.841.150.82
 Transverse colon1.171.021.350.02
 Right colon1.421.321.52<0.01
 Colon NOS2.342.132.58<0.01
 Number of colonoscopies in PCCRC/detected category (per colonoscopy)2.932.713.15<0.01
  • IMD, Index of Multiple Deprivation; PCCRC, post-colonoscopy colorectal cancer; NOS, not otherwise specified.