Table 2

Performance of a first round screening programme per screening test, based on screening indicators.

Participation rate (%)16–4717–7730–8418–3416–93
Positivity rate† (%)2.4–6.81.1–135.3–238.6–9.04.9–11
Advanced neoplasia detection rate‡ (%)29–5016–4320–10054–71100
Detected advanced neoplasia per 1000 invited individuals§2.1–6.31.1–2123–398.8–2114–73
References21, 22, 63, 6421, 22, 32, 64–7221, 68, 73, 74, 7576, 7732, 68, 76–79
  • *Relative detected advanced neoplasia per 1000 invited individuals is only for the area of the colon examined by FS.

  • †Those with a positive screen were recommended colonoscopy (except when colonoscopy was used as the primary screening test), which enabled the determination of the positive predictive value of the primary screen (the proportion of subjects that during colonoscopy were diagnosed with advanced neoplasia). The uptake of the test was multiplied by the positivity rate and positive predictive value to determine the number of true positives identified with advanced neoplasia per 1000 invited.

  • ‡Proportion of subjects with a positive primary screening test that were found to have advanced colorectal neoplasia on secondary screening by colonoscopy.

  • §Detection rate per screening round.

  • CTC, CT colonography; FIT, faecal immunochemical test for haemoglobin; FS, flexible sigmoidoscopy; gFOBT, guaiac faecal occult blood test.