Table 2

Scoring systems for quantifying the severity of cirrhosis Severity of liver disease can be described using the Child–Pugh score or MELD score. The Child–Pugh score is the sum of severity scores for Child class, variceal size and red wale markings the variables shown below.

Bilirubin (μmol/L)<3434–51>51
Albumin (g/L)>3528–35<28
  • Child–Pugh class A represents a score of ≤6, class B a score of 7–9, and class C, ≥10.

  • The MELD score is a formula that includes three laboratory-based variables reflecting the severity of liver disease. It was originally used to predict the short-term mortality after placement of a transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic stent-shunt for variceal bleeding. Subsequently, it has been used in selecting candidates for liver transplantation.

  • MELD score: please use the online calculator

  • INR, international normalised ratio.