Table 3

Baseline variables associated with HBeAg seroconversion in Peg-IFN and NUC cohorts

OR95% CIp ValueOR95% CIp Value
Peg-IFN cohort
 Age0.9320.354 to 2.4560.887
 Gender1.2230.643 to 2.3270.540
 Genotype1.4030.816 to 2.4130.220
 Baseline ALT level2.1321.030 to 4.4160.0412.3781.096 to 5.1590.028
 Baseline HBV DNA level2.6221.486 to 4.6260.0012.4481.344 to 4.4580.003
 Baseline HBsAg level2.3201.362 to 3.9520.002
 Baseline HBeAg level2.4351.363 to 4.3500.003
 Baseline Anti-HBc level3.0771.790 to 5.289<0.0012.6581.519 to 4.6510.001
NUC cohort
 Age1.9241.050 to 3.5270.0341.9641.061 to 3.6360.032
 Gender1.6371.029 to 2.6030.037
 Genotype1.1370.768 to 1.6820.522
 Baseline ALT level1.5140.901 to 2.5450.118
 Baseline HBV DNA level1.9301.267 to 2.9390.0021.7621.148 to 2.7060.010
 Baseline HBsAg level1.7371.170 to 2.5790.006
 Baseline HBeAg level1.2510.846 to 1.8510.262
 Baseline Anti-HBc level2.1101.424 to 3.126<0.0011.9941.336 to 2.9750.001
 Treatment strategy2.3161.675 to 3.202<0.0012.2371.598 to 3.132<0.001
 Age1.7841.087 to 2.9270.022
 Gender1.4871.025 to 2.1580.036
 Genotype1.1820.866 to 1.6140.292
 Baseline ALT level1.7151.128 to 2.6090.0121.7071.100 to 2.6470.017
 Baseline HBV DNA level2.1231.521 to 2.964<0.0011.9641.387 to 2.781<0.001
 Baseline HBsAg level2.0661.514 to 2.820<0.001
 Baseline HBeAg level1.6481.199 to 2.2670.002
 Baseline Anti-HBc level2.5091.836 to 3.428<0.0012.1781.577 to 3.009<0.001
  • The variables enrolled in logistic regression analysis were age (≤40 vs >40 years), gender (female vs male), genotype (non-C vs C), baseline ALT level (≥2 vs <2 ULN), baseline HBV DNA level (<9 vs ≥9 log10 copies/mL), baseline HBsAg level (<4 vs ≥4 log10 IU/mL), baseline HBeAg level (<3 vs ≥3 log10 PEIU/mL), baseline anti-HBc level (≥4.4 vs <4.4 log10 IU/mL) and treatment strategy (Peg-IFN vs NUC).

  • ALT, alanine aminotransferase; anti-HBc, hepatitis B core antibody; HBeAg, hepatitis B e antigen; HBsAg, hepatitis B surface antigen; NUC, nucleos(t)ide analogue; Peg-IFN, peginterferon; ULN, upper limit of normal.