Table 9

Endoscopic skill domain summary

DomainEndoscopic skill
ObjectiveAssessment of endotherapy success
KPIRecurrence/residual polyp at 12 months in endoscopically managed LNPCPs
DenominatorInclude all patients undergoing 12-month surveillance after resection of LNPCPs. Recurrent/residual polyp identified and cleared before 12-month surveillance does not warrant inclusion within this parameter.
As not all surveillance will occur on schedule, allow up to 15 months for surveillance to occur. Only count the first surveillance at or after 12 months.
Exclude patients who do not have surveillance within 12–15 months (owing to surgical resection, death, comorbidity, emigration, etc). NB—monitor this figure to ensure surveillance recall process is robust
NumeratorPatients undergoing 12–15-month surveillance with endoscopic or histological evidence of polyp recurrence at the site of resected LNPCP
AnalysisCalculate at LNPCP level
Report as percentage (proportion of LNPCPs with recurrence on 12-month surveillance)
FrequencyCalculate annually
Level of analysisService and individual colonoscopist level
Minimum standard<10%
Aspirational standard<5%
ActionQualitative review of each case
EvidenceSupporting evidence:
Belderbos et al112
Moss et al9
Barendse et al58
Khashab et al169
Knabe et al170
Supporting evidence for quality standard
Lee et al7
Longcroft-Wheaton et al29
  • KPI, key performance indicators; LNPCPs, large non-pedunculated colorectal polyps.