Table 4

Estimates from a multiple linear regression model for age, adjusting for patient race, sex, tumour location and grade, among patients with stage I, II or III disease only

Stages I to III only
Adjusted mean age (years), stage IA60.77 (59.29 to 62.25)
Age difference (years): IB vs IA−0.15 (−1.46 to 1.17), p=0.83
Age difference (years): IIA, ≤2 cm vs IA1.51 (−0.07 to 3.08), p=0.06
Age difference (years): IIA, 2–4 cm vs IA2.09 (0.83 to 3.35), p=0.001
Age difference (years): IIA, >4 cm vs IA1.09 (−0.37 to 2.56), p=0.14
Age difference (years): IIB, ≤2 cm vs IA−0.47 (−1.81 to 0.87), p=0.49
Age difference (years): IIB, 2–4 cm vs IA0.55 (−0.6 to 1.71), p=0.35
Age difference (years): IIB, >4 cm vs IA−0.08 (−1.31 to 1.15), p=0.9
Age difference (years): III, ≤2 cm vs IA1.39 (−1.08 to 3.86), p=0.27
Age difference (years): III, 2–4 cm vs IA0.77 (−0.62 to 2.16), p=0.28
Age difference (years): III, >4 cm vs IA1 (−0.38 to 2.38), p=0.15
  • Values given are mean differences in ages by tumour size and stage of disease, with 95% CIs.