Table 2

Body fat depots at baseline and following 24 weeks of inulin-control and inulin-propionate ester supplementation

AT distribution (% total AT)Inulin-control (N=15)Inulin-propionate ester (N=17)Inulin-propionate ester−inulin-controlp Value
Week 0Week 24p ValueWeek 0Week 24p ValueDifference (95% CI)
Subcutaneous AT81.3±1.980.6±1.80.00276.3±1.776.0±1.60.624−0.59 (1.69 to 0.50)0.288
Internal AT18.7±1.919.4±1.80.00223.7±1.724.0±1.60.624−0.23 (−1.09 to 0.64)0.608
Intra-abdominal AT10.6±1.311.1±1.4<0.00113.2±1.213.1±1.10.723−0.46 (−0.87 to −0.05)0.027
Abdominal23.1±0.922.7±0.80.30021.9±0.721.6±0.70.171−0.23 (−0.88 to 0.42)0.483
subcutaneous AT
 IHCL7.8±2.97.4±2.50.70815.8±5.011.5±3.70.061−0.83 (−5.04 to 3.38)0.699
 Soleus IMCL18.8±2.018.8±1.80.97321.8±3.024.0±3.70.2742.70 (−1.04 to 6.44)0.157
 Tibialis IMCL10.0±1.510.3±1.10.8699.1±1.09.5±0.90.701−0.42 (−2.83 to 1.99)0.733
  • Mean±SEM.

  • IHCL was measured relative to liver water content and IMCL was measured relative to total muscle creatine signal.33

  • AT, adipose tissue; IHCL, intrahepatocellular lipid; IMCL, intramyocellular lipid; MRS, MR spectroscopy.