TableĀ 6

A comparison of outcomes from trials of endoscopic management of LNPCPs

Moss et al9BCSP7Buchner et al31Longcroft- Wheaton et al29
Number of LNCPCs479436308187
Mean size (mm)35.629.52341.5
Cases with complete resection considered achieved after single session (%)89.2NA9190%
Malignancy in resection specimen (%)6.964.45.9
Need for surgery (%)16.316.1109
3-Month recurrence (%)20.416.52714.5
12-Month recurrence (%)2616.33.9
Delayed bleeding2.937.22.7
  • BCSP, Bowel Cancer Screening Programme; LNPCPs, large non-pedunculated colorectal polyps.