TableĀ 1

Proteases identified in GI tissues and cells, and disease-associated upregulation

Upregulated expression in
FamilyProteasesCellular locationPossible sites of actionCDUCIBSCRC
Serine proteasesElastasesIntra/extraL, M, P, I++++
Proteinase-3Intra/extraL, M, P, I++
ChymaseExtraL, M, P+++
KallikreinsExtraL, M, P+++
GranzymesIntra/extraL, M, I+++
TryptaseExtraL, M, P++++
PlasminogenExtraM, P+
TrypsinsExtraL, M, P+++
Cathepsin GIntra/extraL, M, P, I++
ThrombinL, M, P++
Factors V and VIIIL, M, P+
MatriptaseMembrane-boundM, I+
Cysteine proteasesCaspasesIntraI++
Cathepsins (B, L)ExtraM, P++
Aspartate proteasesCathepsin DIntraI+++
ReninIntra/extraM, P, I++
MetalloproteinasesMMPsIntra/extraM, P, I+++
ADAMTSExtraM, P, I==
  • ADAM, A Disintegrin And Metalloprotease; CD, Crohn's disease; CRC, colorectal cancer; I, intracellular; L, lumen; M, matrix; MMP, matrix metalloproteinases; P, plasma.