Table 2

Mean±SD of ATI levels measured towards two different Remicade and two different Remsima batches in anti-Remicade ATI-negative sera (n=42) and ATI-positive sera (n=39)

Sera typeAnti-Remicade batch DGM54013
ATI (µg/mL)
Anti-Remicade batch 2RMKA83001ATI (µg/mL)Anti-Remsima batch 12B1C017
ATI (µg/mL)
Anti-Remsima batch 12B1C019
ATI (µg/mL)
p Value
  • p Values denote differences between Remicade and Remsima batches collectively.

  • ATI, antibodies-to-infliximab; NS, non-significant value.