Table 1

Studies of the gut microbiota in primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC)

StudyYear (reference number)Materialn PSCDiversityTop indicator findingsNovelty
Rossen et al2015 (18)Mucosa12ReducedClostridialesFirst report on the gut microbiota in PSC
Kevans et al2016 (17)Mucosa31No change*No consistent indicator foundHighlighted bias from patient origin
Torres et al2016 (20)Mucosa20No changeBarnesiellaceae and BlautiaMicrobiota consistency across different sampling sites
Kummen et al2016 (19)Stool85ReducedVeillonellaBiomarker utility of the gut microbiota in PSC
Quaraishi et al2016 (21)Mucosa11NAEscherichia, Lachnospiraceae and MegaspheraDiscussion on metabolic effects from indicator findings
Sabino et al2016 (22)Stool52ReducedEnterococcus, Lactobacillus and FusobacteriumStreptococcus and Veillonella↑ in patients with cirrhosis
Rühlemann et al2016 (23)Stool73NAVeillonella↑ (but not PSC specific)Validation of biomarker utility of the gut microbiota in PSC
  • *A significant decrease in Chao1 was detected in the Oslo patients (n=19) whereas no significant change in diversity measures was found in the Calgary patients (n=12).

  • NA, not available.