Table 4

Characteristics of patients with SPS with CRC diagnosed during surveillance

Patient 1Patient 2Patient 3Patient 4
Patient characteristics
 Age at SPS diagnosis, years64536460
 Age at CRC diagnosis, years68546662
Endoscopic characteristics
 WHO criteria for SPS diagnosisIIII+IIII+IIII+III
 Number of serrated polyps/proximal* serrated polyps ≥10 mm26/042/260/2036/2
 Number of SSA/P/proximal* SSA/P1/133/2858/5832/31
 Serrated polyps with high-grade dysplasiaNoNoYesYes
 Number of adenomas/advanced adenomas†11/05/30/06/0
 Number of surveillance colonoscopies (before CRC diagnosis)3227
 Interval between previous surveillance colonoscopy and CRC diagnosis (months)2613611
 Indication for diagnostic colonoscopySurveillanceSurveillanceSurveillanceSurveillance
Tumour features
 Mucinous componentNoYesYesNo
 Lesion size (mm)1025184
 LocationTransverse colonTransverse colonAscending colonSigmoid colon
 Morphology‡Ulcerated lesion0-IIa+IIc0-Is+IIa0-IIa
 Tumour staging (TNM)IIVII
  • *Referred to the splenic flexure.

  • †Advanced adenoma: ≥10 mm in diameter or with villous structure or with high-grade dysplasia.

  • ‡Based on the Paris classification.

  • CRC, colorectal cancer; MANEC, mixed adenoneuroendocrine carcinoma; SPS, serrated polyposis syndrome; SSA/P, sessile serrated adenoma/polyp; TNM, tumour, node, metastases.