Table 3

Stratification of other adverse event severity

Various other unplanned events may occur as a result of a colonoscopy. These should be recorded, with appropriate details provided
Categorisation of severity of adverse event (AE) is given below. Note that bleeding and perforation have their own categorisation (see separate tables) Every event should be recorded, even if it is deemed unlikely to have been caused by the procedure (see ‘Attribution of event’)
Excludes admissions for social reasons
Procedure aborted (or not started) due to AE
Unplanned post-procedure medical consultation
Unplanned hospital admission, or prolonged hospital stay, for ≤3 nights
Use of reversal agent
Hypoxia (O2 saturations <85%)
Hypotension (<90/50 mm Hg)
Unplanned admission or prolongation for 4–10 nights
ITU admission for 1 night
Interventional procedure (endoscopic or radiological)
Interventional treatment for skin or other tissue injuries
Unplanned ventilatory support during conscious sedation
Surgery for adverse event/sequelae
Permanent disability
Unplanned admission or prolongation for >10 nights
ITU admission >1 night
  • Taken from Rutter+Chilton,88 in turn adapted from Cotton et al.89

  • ITU, intensive therapy unit.