Table 1

Baseline demographics and clinical characteristics

All patients (N=155)Placebo (N=53)MLN02 (N=102)
Male sex, n (%)87 (56.1)29 (54.7)58 (56.9)
Months since diagnosis77.9±82.680.6±82.276.5±83.2
Current smoker, n (%)8 (5.2)4 (7.5)4 (3.9)
UC clinical score†6.9±1.56.6±1.67.0±1.4
 Stool frequency2.2±0.82.2±0.92.3±0.8
 Rectal bleeding1.5±0.81.4±0.91.6±0.8
 Assessment by the patient1.3±0.71.3±0.81.3±0.7
 Assessment by the physician1.9±0.31.8±0.41.9±0.3
Rectal bleeding+stool frequency (MCS)3.7±1.13.6±1.13.8±1.1
Modified Baron score2.7±0.72.7±0.82.7±0.7
Modified Riley histopathological index5.9±1.35.6±1.66.1±1.0
Mesalamine use, n (%)124 (80.0)41 (77.4)83 (81.4)
Haemoglobin concentration13.4±1.713.2±1.713.5±1.7
White cell count8.4±2.68.4±2.18.5±2.8
  • *Plus–minus values are means±SD.

  • †The UC Clinical Score, a modification of the Mayo Clinic Score (MCS), consists of four items—rectal bleeding, stool frequency, functional assessment by the patient and global assessment by the physician. Items are scored on a scale from 0 (normal) to 3 (severe disease). The composite score ranges from 0 (inactive disease) to 12 (severe disease activity).16