Table 7

Trials of antibiotics where data provided separately for patients with isolated colonic CD

Author/refN (isolated colonic CD)ComparatorPrimary end pointRifaximin remission ratePlacebo remission ratep ValueConclusions
Prantera et al150190 active; 76 placebo (from online supplementary table S2)PlaceboWeek 12 remission (CDAI <150)3 doses: 400 mg twice daily; 800 mg twice daily; 1200 mg twice daily; no dose-response overall;
pooled doses remission in 96/190 (51%)
28/76 (37%)0.04Rifaximin more effective for colonic than ileal disease
(a) Controlled trial of oral rifaximin
Author/ref N (isolated colonic CD) Comparator Primary end pointMetronidazole response ratePlacebo response rate p Value Conclusions
Blichfeldt et al1516Placebo (crossover)Week 8 response100%2/6 (33%)NS overallMetronidazole 1 g daily improved symptoms and lab values in all six with colonic disease
Sutherland et al15212
(4 received 10 mg/kg; 4 received 20 mg/kg; placebo)
PlaceboWeek 16 responseMean CDAI drop 145, 95% CI 26 to 265, n=8CDAI increased by mean of 61, n=40.05Metronidazole more effective than placebo in colonic and ileocolonic disease but not small bowel disease
(b) Controlled trials of oral metronidazole
  • CD, Crohn's disease; NS, not significant.