Table 10

Results of exclusive enteral nutrition as primary therapy in CD where data provided separately for isolated colonic CD

Author/refYearNature of studyAdults/
n=InterventionDurationPrimary end pointResults in patients with ileal involvementResults in isolated colonic CDp Value
Lochs et al1751991RCTAdults55 (enteral nutrition; 9 colon only); 52 drug treatmentExclusive Peptisorb (oligopeptide diet)4–6 weeksRemission
(CDAI reduced by 40% or 100 points)
Mean time until remission 26 daysMean time until remission 31 daysNS
Wilschanski et al1761996Retrospective cohortChildren 7–1765 (5 colon only)Exclusive amino acid or peptide4 weeks or moreRemission PCDAI ≤20Remission 47/60 (78%)Remission
1/5 (20%)
Afzal et al1772005Prospective cohortChildren 8–1765
(14 colon only)
Exclusive polymeric8 weeksRemission PCDAI <20Remission 43/51 (84%)Remission
7/14 (50%)
Buchanan et al1782009Prospective cohortChildrenMedian age 12110 (19 colon only)Exclusive polymeric (Modulen) in 105, elemental in 58 weeksRemission (improvement in all domains of global assessment)Remission 73/91 (80.2%)Remission 15/19 (78.9%)NS
Rubio et al1792011Retrospective cohortChildren
Mean age 11
106 (26 colon only)Exclusive polymeric (Modulen)8 weeksRemission PCDAI <10Remission 86/106 (81%) overall, colonic data not presented separately but site not correlated with outcomeNS
de Bie et al1802013Retrospective cohortChildren
Median age 14
76 (18 colon only)Exclusive polymeric or semi-polymeric6 weeksRemission defined as no diarrhoea, pain or weight lossRemission 32/51 (63%)Remission 8/15 (53%)NS
  • CD, Crohn's disease; NS, not significant; PCDAI, Paediatric Crohn's disease activity index; RCT, randomised controlled trial.