Table 4

Serological test results in isolated colonic CD and UC

Author/refYearStudy designN (isolated colonic CD)ASCA IgA
ASCA (IgG or IgA)
GP2UC results in same studyComments
Duerr et al1131991Prospective185/18 (28%)pANCA 34/40 (85%)pANCA+ in isolated colonic CD not significant commoner than diarrhoea, predominantly IBS (4/27 15%)
Cambridge et al1141992Stored sera IBD and healthy controls181/18 (6%)pANCA 27/50 (54%)pANCA+ in 4/32 CD with small bowel involvement
Joossens et al1152002Prospective follow-up of 97 patients with initial diagnosis of indeterminate colitis17NANA10/17 (59%)6/17
ASCA+ in 3/14 (21%)
pANCA+ in 8/14 (57%)
All patients initially indeterminate
Lawrance et al1162004Prospective
Caucasian and Chinese
356/35 (18%)9/35 (26%)NANAASCA IgA 6/100
ASCA IgG 11/100
ASCA less likely positive in isolated colonic CD than CD with ileal involvement
Annese et al1172004Prospective61NANA25/61 (41%)ASCA 32/197 (16%)ASCA in CD overall 51%
Ferrante et al1182007Prospective study IBD plus non-IBD and healthy controls70NA6%NA21%3.5%ASCA IgG 9.6%
pANCA 37%
All antimicrobial abs lower titre in isolated colonic CD than other CD
Vind et al1192008Prospective cohort60NANA5/60 (8%)15/60 (25%)ASCA 14%
pANCA 55%
ASCA CD overall 22%
Lakatos et al1202009Cohort143NANANANAASCA (either IgA or IgG)+/pANCA– combination in 9% UCASCA (either IgA or IgG)+/pANCA– combination in 52% isolated colonic CD
Bogdanos et al1212012Prospective paediatric32NANA5/32 (16%)2/32 (6.2%)GP2 9/102 (8.8%)
ASCA 7/102 (7%)
GP2 ab (IgG or IgA) in 49/137 (35.8%) other (non-L2) CD
ASCA 55/137 (40.1%) other (non-L2) CD
Bertin et al1222013Prospective recruited at colonoscopy67NANA21/67 (31%)15/67 (22%)ompC 2/35 (6%)
ASCA 5/35 (14%)
Colon mucosal culture supernatant ab measures discriminated better between L2 CD and UC
Elkadri et al1092013Prospective cohort adults and children55NANANA but OR 0.25 (0.12–0.51; p=0.0002) for association with isolated colonic disease vs other sitesNA but OR 2.27 (1.50–4.92; p<0.03 for association with isolated colonic disease42.7% all CD, isolated CD NAASCA (either IgA or IgG) in 12.1% UC; 62.9% CD;
pANCA in 55.6% UC, 14.3% CD;
anti-ompC in 28.0% UC, 42.7% CD
ASCA positivity less common in isolated colonic CD than other sites
  • CD, Crohn's disease; ASCA, anti-Saccharomyces cerevisiae; NA, not applicable; pANCA, perinuclear antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies.