Table 7

CLIF Consortium Organ Failure Score: simplified version of the CLIF-SOFA score

LiverBilirubin (mg/dL)<66 to ≤12>12
KidneyCreatinine (mg/dL)<22 to <3.5≥3.5 or RRT
BrainEncephalopathy grade (West-Haven)01–23–4
CoagulationINR<22 to <2.5≥2.5
CirculationMAP (mm Hg)≥70<70Vasopressors
RespiratoryPaO2/FiO2 or SpO2/FiO2>300
≤300 and >200
>214 and ≤357
  • Highlighted areas indicate the definition of each organ failure.

  • CLIF, chronic liver failure; FiO2, fraction of inspired oxygen; INR, international normalised ratio; MAP, mean arterial pressure; PaO2, partial pressure of arterial oxygen; RRT, renal replacement therapy; SOFA, Sequential Organ Failure Assessment; SpO2, pulse oxymetric saturation.