Table 1

Pearson correlations of CAGs within CRC microbiota data sets

Cluster 1Cluster 2CorrelationAdjusted p value
Bacteroidetes Cluster 2Firmicutes Cluster 20.2350.026
Bacteroidetes Cluster 2Pathogen Cluster−0.2090.049
Bacteroidetes Cluster 2Prevotella Cluster−0.3100.002
Firmicutes Cluster 1Firmicutes Cluster 20.4582.28E-06
Firmicutes Cluster 1Pathogen Cluster−0.5219.11E-08
Firmicutes Cluster 1Prevotella Cluster−0.1870.079
Firmicutes Cluster 2Pathogen Cluster−0.4181.55E-05
  • Only correlations with an adjusted p value of <0.1 are shown.

  • CAGs, co-abundance groups; CRC, colorectal cancer.