Table 1

Pathway analysis of GWAS meta-analysis results for the average number of BM/d

Top associated GO termp Value
Cellular component
 Sodium channel complex6E-07
 Voltage-gated sodium channel complex2E-05
 Ion channel complex6E-05
Molecular function
 Voltage-gated sodium channel activity2E-05
 Peptidase regulator activity3E-05
 Substrate-specific channel activity4E-05
 Ion channel activity4E-05
 Passive transmembrane transporter activity7E-05
 Channel activity7E-05
 Endopeptidase inhibitor activity8E-05
  • Only GO pathways with p<1E-04 are reported.

  • BM/d, bowel movements per day; GO, Gene Ontology; GWAS, genome-wide association study.