Table 2

Procedural characteristics and outcome at 30 days

Included patients2020
Type of anaesthesia
 Sedation with propofol18191.00
  Mean amount (±SD) (mg)724±539362±1870.007
 General anaesthesia211.00
Mean procedural duration (±SD) (min)54±3322±130.0002
 Circumferential incision for ESD (±SD) (min)20±12NA
 Dissection for ESD (±SD) (min)30±20NA
Complete resection of the targeted area2020
 Mean number of pieces (±SD)1±03±1<0.0001
 En-bloc resection203<0.0001
 Mean maximal diameter of the largest specimen (±SD)
  Length (mm)29±918±4<0.0001
  Width (mm)18±713±30.0059
Intraprocedural AE
Postprocedural AE
 Temporary chest discomfort321.00
Severe AE200.49
30-day mortality (%)00
  • AE, adverse event; EMR, endoscopic mucosal resection; ESD, endoscopic submucosal dissection.