Table 5

Results of published trials on endoscopic submucosal dissection for early Barrett's oesophagus neoplasia

Study designProspectiveRetrospectiveProspectiveRetrospectiveRetrospective
Mean procedural duration (min)7593140117114
Mean diameter of the lesion (mm)20192120ND
Rates of resection
 R0 for EAC/HGIN39%85%74%64%82%
 Curative for EAC/HGIN39%65%72%64%77%
Mean diameter of the specimen (mm)25ND395344
Adverse events
CR of non-operated patients
 Neoplasia96%100% 98%92% 94%
 IM54% ND 46%38%ND
Ablation of residual IMYesNoYesYesNo
 Mean period (months)1733242019
 Recurrent/metachronous neoplasia 07%2%10%6%
  • EAC, early adenocarcinoma; HGIN, high-grade intraepithelial neoplasia; IM, intestinal metaplasia.

  • ND, no data.