Table 2

Detection of CD markers in HC, CD, UC, IBS, subjects with anorexia

CohortNumber of samplesDetected% detected95% CI*
Discovery cohort: IBD Spain
HC*40250.6 to 16.9
HC-CD_Baseline*3638.31.8 to 22.5
HC-CD_3M*27000 to 12.8
HC-UC_Baseline*35514.34.8 to 30.3
HC-UC_3M*2913.40.1 to 17.8
CD-Baseline†342779.462.1 to 91.3
CD-3M†32247556.6 to 88.5
CD-6M†272281.561.9 to 93.7
CD-9M†211571.547.8 to 88.7
CD-12M†21178158.1 to 94.6
UC-Baseline*33412.13.4 to 28.2
UC-3M*2627.70.9 to 25.1
UC-6M*20315.03.2 to 37.9
UC-9M*17211.81.5 to 36.4
UC-12M*17317.63.8 to 43.4
Validation cohort
CD Belgium
 CD-Baseline†543972.258.4 to 83.5
 CD-1M-AS†443784.169.9 to 93.4
 CD-3M-AS†423583.368.6 to 93.0
 CD-6M-AS†474289.476.9 to 96.5
UC Spain
 UC*4124.90.6 to 16.5
IBS Spain
 IBS-Baseline*12575.62.3 to 11.2
 IBS-3M*771215.68.3 to 25.6
IBD France‡
 HC*3825.30.6 to 17.7
 CD†1468860.351.9 to 68.3
 UC862832.622.8 to 43.5
Healthy UK
 HC1017757.45.8 to 9.2
Patients with anorexia
 AN15895.6%2.6 to 10.5
  • *False positive (1-specifity).

  • †Sensitivity (true positive).

  • ‡The authors of this previous work used a different region of the 16S rRNA gene (V3–V5 instead of V4; the other cohorts were analysed using V4) and a different sequencing platform (Ion Torrents).

  • 12M, 12 months; 1M-AS, 1 month after surgery; 3M, 3 months; 3M-AS, 3 months after surgery; 6M, 6 months; 6M-AS, 6 months after surgery; 9M, 9 months; CD, Crohn's disease; HC, healthy controls; HC-CD, relatives of CD; HC-UC, relatives of UC.