Table 4

Association of single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) marking six previously identified, independent risk loci at the TERT gene region with pancreatic cancer in five prospective cohorts

Risk regionSNPMajor alleleMinor alleleCasesControlsCasesControlsPer minor allele OR (95% CI)*p Value
1rs7726159CA64411710.330.340.97 (0.81–1.16)0.741
2rs451360CA64411710.240.221.20 (1.00–1.43)0.044
3rs2853677AG64411710.400.410.92 (0.79–1.08)0.320
4rs2736098CT64411710.230.280.75 (0.63–0.90)0.002
5rs13172201TC64411710.260.261.02 (0.84–1.25)0.808
6rs10069690CT64411710.230.241.00 (0.83–1.21)0.996
  • *Unconditional logistic regression model adjusted for age (continuous) and prospective cohort (HPFS, NHS, PHS, WHI-OS, WHS). OR reflects the OR per minor allele in an additive genetic model.

  • HPFS, Health Professionals Follow-up Study; MAF, minor allele frequency; NHS, Nurses’ Health Study; PHS, Physicians’ Health Study I; TERT, telomerase reverse transcriptase; WHI-OS, Women's Health Initiative Observational Study; WHS, Women's Health Study.