Table 1

The sensitivities and specificities of faecal immunochemical test (FIT), and the combined FIT and marker Fusobacterium nucleatum (Fn) test, for colorectal cancer and advanced adenoma

FIT FIT+FnComparison
FindingsNo.Sensitivity (%)Specificity (%)No.Sensitivity (%)Specificity (%)p Value
Colorectal cancer (n=104)7673.1 (64.4–81.8)98.0 (95.1–100)9692.3 (86.5–97.1)93.0 (88.0–97.0)<0.001
TNM stage
 Stage 1 (n=22)1568.2 (50.0–86.4)Same as above1986.4 (72.7–100.0)Same as above
 Stage 2 (n=31)2374.2 (58.1–90.3)2993.6 (83.9–100.0)
 Stage 3 (n=39)3076.9 (64.1–89.7)3794.9 (87.2–100.0)
 Stage 4 (n=12)866.7 (41.7–91.7)1191.7 (75.0–100.0)
 Proximal (n=28)2382.1 (67.9–96.4)Same as above2692.9 (82.1–100.0)Same as above
 Distal (n=76)5369.7 (59.2–80.3)7092.1 (85.5–97.4)
Advanced adenoma (n=103)1615.5 (8.7–22.3)98.0 (95.1–100)3938.6 (28.7–48.5)89.0 (83.0–95.0)0.007
  • Test performance was compared using the one-sided Delong's test to test for incremental gain in area under the receiver-operating characteristic curve (AUC).