Table 1

Clinical and demographic characteristics of participants

IBS-D (n=43)HC (n=26)p Value
Age, years35 (20–60)32 (23–58)0.38
Gender, M:F17:2612:140.77
Body mass index23.3±3.623.0±3.10.74
Functional dyspepsia23/430/26
Severity of the disease, Francis score252.9±88.2
Abdominal pain intensity, score41.7±23.6
Abdominal pain frequency, number of days6 (2–10)
Bowel movements, number/day3.4±1.41.5±0.6<0.0001***
Stool form, Bristol score6 (2–7)3.5 (3–5)<0.0001***
Holmes-Rahe scale138 (25–349)101 (25–399)0.28
Cohen scale23.7±7.017.1±7.30.0003**
Beck’s index8 (0–32)0 (0–10)<0.0001***
  • Values represent median (range) or mean±SD.

  • p Values considered significant are shown in bold: **<0.001; ***<0.0001.

  • F, female; M, male; HC, healthy controls; IBS-D, diarrhoea-predominant IBS.