Table 4

Molecular functions associated with the target genes after miRNA-mRNA pairing analysis

CategoriesFunctions annotationFDRPredicted activation stateActivation z-scoreNumber of genes
Cell death and survivalCell death of epithelial cells2.20E-08 ns0.66756
Apoptosis of epithelial cells1.87E-06 ns0.51134
Neuronal cell death7.94E-06 ns0.87263
Cell death of epithelial cell lines4.96E-05 ns0.28529
Anoikis6.52E-04 ns0.70112
Cell death of blood cells1.57E-03 ns0.7654
Cellular assembly and organisationReorganisation of cytoskeleton8.00E-04 ns1.16671
Formation of cytoskeleton1.23E-03 ns1.3736
Organisation of cytoskeleton5.57E-03Increased2.4793
Outgrowth of neurites1.46E-04Increased3.2538
Cell developmentDifferentiation of epithelial cells4.30E-04 ns1.8927
Differentiation of epithelial tissue5.04E-04Increased2.00130
Proliferation of neuronal cells7.58E-04Increased3.18147
Differentiation of blood cells8.08E-04Increased2.38558
Proliferation of blood cells8.41E-04 ns−0.18464
Proliferation of immune cells1.83E-03 ns−0.06559
Epithelial-mesenchymal transition1.84E-03 ns1.50517
Cell-to-cell signalling and interactionArchitecture of junctional complexes4.90E-04 ns1.2244
Disorganisation of tight junctions1.42E-03 ns ns6
Degradation of intercellular junctions1.67E-03 ns ns8
Formation of tight junctions5.20E-03 ns−0.9548
Function of tight junctions6.00E-03 ns0.8166
Humoral immune responseQuantity of immunoglobulin1.82E-03 ns−0.26916
Quantity of B lymphocytes3.72E-03 ns0.99117
Quantity of IgG12.57E-03 ns0.3089
Quantity of IgM9.85E-03 ns−0.578
  • Activation z-score indicates probability score of the activation states of molecular functions to determine ‘activated’ (z>0) or ‘inhibited’ predictions (z<0); z-scores greater than 2 or smaller than −2 can be considered significant. p Values are adjusted for multiple testing by the Benjamini and Hochberg method.

  • FDR, false discovery rate; mRNA, messenger RNA; miRNA, micro-RNA; ns, not significant.