Table 5

Calculated cumulative incidences for colorectal cancer from current ages as indicated in left column to 70 years of age for patients having had colon cancer before inclusion and for patients not having had colon cancer before inclusion

Calculated cumulative incidences of cancers from current age (in left column) to 70 years
Current age (years)Colon cancer prior to inclusion (95% CI)Extracolonic cancers prior to inclusion (95% CI)Relative cumulative incidence*
4036% (29.0% to 43.8%)39% (28.5% to 50.2%)0.92 (0.61% to 1.32%)
5031% (24.3% to 38.9%)25% (16.7% to 35.3%)1.24 (0.78% to 1.90%)
6019% (13.1% to 27.0%)15% (6.6% to 23.0%)1.26 (0.70% to 3.06%)
  • (95% CI) for all patients irrespective of genetic variant.

  • *Cumulative incidence patients with colon cancer prior to inclusion divided by cumulative incidence in patients with Lynch syndrome with previous extracolonic cancers only; none of the differences between the cumulative incidences that we compared reached statistical significance (p>0.05).