Table 5

Upstream regulators associated with mRNA targets

Upstream regulatorPredicted activation stateActivation z-scorep Value of overlapTarget molecules in dataset
hsa-miR-125b-5pInhibited−11.5142.98E-129204 (231)
hsa-miR-16-5pInhibited−4.8491.4E-2294 (128)
hsa-miR-29b-3pInhibited−6.8922.5E-2088 (105)
hsa-let-7a-5pInhibited−5.5493.89E-1982 (106)
hsa-miR-128-3pInhibited−3.1921.71E-1866 (98)
hsa-miR-24-3pInhibited−6.7029.78E-1869 (77)
hsa-miR-103-3pInhibited−2.5128.50E-1751 (75)
hsa-miR-155-5pInhibited−2.175.75E-0831 (47)
hsa-miR-338-3pInhibited−2.1081.32E-0420 (29)
  • Activation z-score: probability score of the activation states of predicted transcriptional regulators to determine ‘activated’ (z>0) or ‘inhibited’ predictions (z<0); z-scores greater than 2 or smaller than –2 are considered significant. p Value of overlap: overlap between the dataset mRNAs and the mRNAs regulated by the respective upstream regulator calculated by Fisher's exact test, p values <0.01 are considered significant; target molecules in dataset: number of mRNAs that show an expression direction consistent with the predicted activation state of the respective upstream regulator (total number of target mRNAs for the respective upstream regulator).

  • mRNA, messenger RNA; miRNA, micro-RNA.