Table 1

Comparison of adenoma detection rates and miss rates of caecum to ascending colon between white light first and NBI first group

White light first n=385NBI first n=358p Value*
ADR, % (no.)
 1st10 (39)6.1 (22)0.048
 1st+2nd12 (47)11 (38)0.50
 1st+2nd+3rd18 (70)19 (67)0.85
Adenomas, no.9397
 First inspection4425
 Second inspection929
 Third inspection4043
 Miss rate 2nd/1st+2nd0.170.540.000072
 Miss rate 3rd/1st+2nd+3rd0.430.440.85
All polyps, no.227207
 First inspection10458
 Second inspection2851
 Third inspection9598
 Miss rate 2nd/1st+2nd0.210.470.000026
 Miss rate 3rd/1st+2nd+3rd0.420.470.25
  • *P values are calculated by chi-squared test.

  • ADR, adenoma detection rate; NBI, narrow band imaging.