Table 3

Detection and optical diagnosis performances in relation to CE expertise

p Value
Adenoma detection rate,* mean± SD45.3±11.139.0±8.30.23
Withdrawal time in minutes, mean±SD37.4±5.336.1±12.80.83
Dysplasia detection rate, mean±SD12.7±5.616.2±11.80.46
Dysplasia detection yield, mean±SD13.1±27.317.1±29.70.31
Optical diagnosis
 Number of lesions characterised224373
 Global accuracy, n (%)202/224 (90.2)319/373 (85.5)0.09
 Sensitivity, n (%)16/27 (59.2)50/67 (74.6)0.14
 Specificity, n (%)186/197 (94.4)269/306 (87.9)0.01
 Positive predictive value, n (%)11/27 (40.7)37/87 (42.5)0.16
 Negative predictive value, n (%)186/197 (94.4)269/286 (94.0)0.86
  • *Number of patients with at least one adenoma divided by the total number of complete colonoscopies; autoreferral data.

  • CE, chromoendoscopy.