Table 1

Baseline demographic and clinical characteristics of all patients

Total number of patients included350
Age at inclusion, years (mean±SD)51.5±12.5
Age at IBD diagnosis, years (mean±SD)33.8±12.9
Disease duration at inclusion, years (mean±SD)17.1±7.4
Female gender; n (%)165 (47.1%)
IBD subtype, n (%)
 UC273 (78%)
 Crohn's disease72 (20.6%)
 Indeterminate colitis5 (1.4%)
Colonic extension,* n (%)
 Sigmoid colon8 (2.3%)
 Left colon51 (14.6%)
 Pancolitis291 (83.1%)
Smoking history,† n (%)166 (47.4%)
First-degree family history of CRC, n (%)27 (7.7%)
Concomitant diagnosis of primary sclerosing cholangitis n (%)23 (6.6%)
Risk group,‡ n (%)
 High risk246 (70.3%)
 Intermediate risk34 (9.7%)
 Low risk70 (20.0%)
  • *Assessed after segmental pancolonic biopsies.

  • †Smoking history includes both active and former smokers.

  • ‡Group of risk: high (Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, first-degree family history of CRC early onset and/or strictures, and/or extensive colitis with severe activity); intermediate (first-degree relative family history of CRC >50 and/or, pancolitis with moderate or low activity and/or presence of pseudopolyps); low (non-active pancolitis or partial colitis without other risk factors).23

  • CRC, colorectal cancer.