Table 4

Estimated and final coefficients of the clinic-radiological prognostic score to be applied to the independent factors associated with a high rate of success (n=93)

Factor/group with a high rate of successCoefficient estimate±SEOR of success estimate (95% CI)p ValuePoints, n
Immunosuppressive treatment/yes1.23±0.623.42 (1.01–11.57)0.0401
Crohn's disease obstructive score />41.25±0.653.48 (0.97–12.46)0.0461
Duration obstructive symptoms (weeks)/<51.79±0.816.00 (1.23–29.17)0.0161
Length of stricture <12 cm1.80±0.676.04 (1.61–22.67)0.00421
Maximal small bowel diameter proximal to stricture(s) (mm)/(18–29)1.99±0.687.32 (1.92–27.85)0.00131
Enhancement on delayed T1-weighted sequence/marked1.78±0.665.92 (1.63–21.50)0.00341
Fistula/no1.55±0.764.72 (1.05 to 21.11)0.0351