Table 5

Operating properties of endoscopic coeliac disease activity indices

Classification/grade/itemsContent validityConstruct validityReliabilityResponsivenessFeasibility
Lee et al, 2003341. Normal (at least threefold per endoscopic field)
2. Reduced duodenal folds (<3 folds per endoscopic field)
3. Absent duodenal folds, scalloping of folds, fissures, mosaic or nodular appearance of the mucosa
Tursi et al, 2006351. Normal
2. Mild alterations (micronodular bulb, granular mucosa in the second part of the duodenum)
3. Moderate alterations (scalloping of duodenal folds, reduction of duodenal folds)
4. Severe alterations (‘mosaic’ pattern of the mucosa in the second part of the duodenum and loss of duodenal folds)
Cammarota et al, 2007361. Villi definitely present
2. Villi partially present
3. Villi definitely absent using water immersion technique
Maiden et al, 2009371. Normal
2. Mild–moderate changes on video capsule endoscopy
3. Moderate–severe changes on video capsule endoscopy
Items: micronodular mucosa, mosaicism, scalloping of folds, reduction in number of folds
  • +, positive; ?, indeterminate; −, negative; 0, no information available.