Table 3

Median relative abundance of selected oral microbial taxa* in pancreatic cancer cases and controls in the combined CPS II and PLCO cohort

Median relative abundance
OR†95% CI†p Value†p Value‡
Fusobacteria2.372.700.940.89 to 0.990.0140.0079
Bacteroidetes9.068.691.010.99 to
Fusobacteria2.372.700.940.89 to 0.990.0140.0079
SR1[C-1] to 1.370.150.25
Fusobacteriales2.372.700.940.89 to 0.990.0140.0079
Leptotrichiaceae0.781.030.870.79 to 0.950.00290.0027
Leptotrichia0.781.030.870.79 to 0.950.00290.0027
Alloprevotella0. to 1.430.0340.10
  • *Taxa were selected from L1-penalised LASSO logistic models with the optimal value of lambda from 100 repeated 10-fold cross-validation on each taxonomic level. Bacterial phyla with the mean relative abundance greater than 0.01% and taxa (class-genus) with the mean relative abundance greater than 0.0001% were eligible for the variable selection.

  • †ORs, 95% CIs and p Values for 1% increase in relative abundance were calculated from logistic regression models, after controlling for the random effects of cohorts and other covariates (age, race, sex, BMI, smoking status, alcohol consumption status and history of diabetes).

  • ‡Additionally controlled for the carriage of Porphyromonas gingivalis and Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans.

  • BMI, body mass index; CPS, Cancer Prevention Study; PLCO, prostate, lung, colorectal and ovarian cancer; LASSO, least absolute shrinkage and selection operator.