Table 3

Association between receipt of screening endoscopy and colorectal adenocarcinoma death risk; excluding persons who had undergone faecal occult blood or sigmoidoscopy screening

Screening colonoscopy status according to colon locationEstimated relative risks (95% CI)
Case patients, n=836Matched control patients, n=1453Bivariate modelMultivariate model*
All locations in the colon/rectum
 No screening endoscopy82214531.001.00
 Screening colonoscopy14660.39 (0.18 to 0.84)0.37 (0.16 to 0.84)
Right colon
 No screening endoscopy3706471.001.00
 Screening colonoscopy6340.42 (0.15 to 1.17)0.36 (0.11 to 1.17)
Left colon/rectum
 No screening endoscopy4236551.001.00
 Screening colonoscopy7280.29 (0.08 to 1.04)0.26 (0.06 to 1.02)
  • *Multivariate conditional logistic regression models were adjusted for race/ethnicity, family history, percentage of people 25+ years in the census tract with at least a high-school diploma, Charlson score and number of primary care visits. Analysis excluded all people exposure to screening with faecal occult blood test or sigmoidoscopy.