Table 2

Total serrated polyps diagnosed at baseline and during treatment and observational phases

Diagnosis* Baseline Treatment phaseObservational phase
PolypsSubjects PolypsSubjects PolypsSubjects
Sessile serrated adenoma/polyp1817128967962
SSA/P with cytological dysplasia12114433
Traditional serrated adenoma118886
Serrated polyp not subclassified4416142218
Hyperplastic polyp839521955494498271
  • *Diagnosis at baseline is determined by the local pathologist at each clinical centre. Postrandomisation polyps were all reviewed by the study pathologist.

  • †Includes all randomised subjects and lesions found within 1 year of randomisation.

  • ‡Participants with more than one type of serrated polyp may be represented multiple times. Total is the number of subjects with any serrated polyp, counting each subject only once if they had multiple types of serrated polyps.

  • SSA/P, sessile serrated adenomas or polyp.