Table 3

Bacterial targets significantly altered during dietary intervention irrespective of patient responsiveness

Bacterial target of labelling probeBefore (PSI)After (PSI)p Value*q value†
Traditional IBS diet (n=30)Nonen/an/an/an/a
Low FODMAP diet (n=31)Mycoplasma hominis66 (26–110.4)40 (22.7–96.8)0.020.3
Bifidobacterium152 (45.7–270)32.8 (25.4–122.4)0.00050.02
Actinobacteria120 (57.5–197.4)59.6 (47.9–102.4)0.0010.02
  • *Mann-Whitney U test. Data shown as median (25–75%).

  • †Correction for multiple comparisons, using classical one-stage method.

  • FODMAP, fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols; PSI, probe signal intensity indicating bacterial abundance in sample. n/a, not applicable.